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Mission and Values

Salute to Souldiers Inc. aims to honor and support veterans of color while educating the public about their contributions to America's armed services.

S-T-S aims to create a world where the contributions of veterans of color are recognized, honored, and supported, and to ensure that no veteran, regardless of their background, faces the challenges of PTSD alone.

Provide resources and support to veterans of color to improve their financial, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

STS will raise awareness about the challenges faced by veterans of color dealing with PTSD.

Organize events and games to honor military groups of color and raise funds for necessary resources.

Educate communities about the significant contributions of veterans of color throughout history.

Incorporate programs that focus on pre- and post-enlistment support, financial literacy, fitness education, nutrition education, technology education, and disabled and elderly veteran assistance, and support animal care.


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